Be the Light Program: Humane societies and other animal support organizations
    can purchase the book directly from the publisher at a discount.  The
    organizations can then sell the book and keep all the difference between the list
    price and the cost, which is approximately $3 per book.

    For this program, books must be paid for in advance.  The cost per book is
    $10.00, plus shipping, and the minimum order is 10 books.  If you order 25
    books, shipping is free.  (We suggest that you order 25 books to take advantage of
    the free shipping, because the shipping cost per book for small orders can be as
    much as $2 per book).  

    For example, if you order 50 books, your cost is $500.  You would receive just
    under $650 by selling the books at $12.95 each, and you get to keep the
    difference of about $150. (Note that you are required to collect sales taxes, if any
    are required).  PLUS: your organization will still receive the $5 per book
    donation!!!  So the total amount you would raise by buying and selling 50 books is

    But what if you would like to raise money for your organization, but cannot pay
    for a lot of books in advance?  You still can through our Spread the Light

    To participate in this program, please contact the publisher directly at info (at)
    varara (dot) com.  Books must be paid for in advance (either by paypal or check).

    Participants in the Be the Light Program can automatically be enrolled in the
    Spread the Light Program if they want!

How your organization can raise funds from the sale of
Lessons to Live By: The Canine Commandments