More ideas for how your organization can raise funds from the
    sale of Lessons to Live By: The Canine Commandments

  • Send an email to everyone on your contact list with information about this program.
    Put this link in the email to our ordering page:

    and ask them to buy a book. Make sure to tell them to look for your organization on
    our list and choose it during ordering (it's easy!).  Ask them to forward to email to all
    their friends.

  • Include information about the book and the donation program in your newsletter.

  • Our Spread the Light program could serve as a major fund raising opportunity for
    your organization.  You have probably already discovered that it is very difficult to
    get cash contributions, but it is much easier to get people to buy something, especially
    if it can be used as a gift.  With this program you can leverage your mailing list to
    generate a substantial amount of funds. If you have 2000 people on your
    mailing/email list, and just 10% of them buy a book, you could raise $1000!   Note
    that an additional benefit of this program is that some people who buy the book may
    choose to direct proceeds to you, even if they are not exactly aware of your group,
    since it costs the book purchaser nothing to do this.

  •  Give to your largest donors (or use as a gift when donors give a
       certain amount).
  •  As "Thank you" gifts to those who help out at your shelter.
  •  As 'favors'  for attendees if you have a large yearly benefit
       (or when they are buying tickets, include an option for them to add
       a little to the ticket price to get the book).
  • Give a book away with each adoption!