BOOKSELLER INFORMATION for The Canine Commandments
For booksellers that use Amazon fulfillment:

"Lessons to Live By: The Canine Commandments" is available from Amazon.  You can find the book via its
ISBN (0975379 348).  You will earn your typical Amazon bookseller commission.  If you associate key
words with your Amazon books, we suggest "dog gift book", "dog book" and "inspirational book."

For booksellers that buy books from distributors:

Lessons to Live By: The Canine Commandments is available from Ingram and Baker and Taylor.  Order
via the ISBN (0975379-348).  You will earn a standard margin on the book.  If you would like a photo of
the book, and/or links that you can put on your site, please click on the link below.

For booksellers and stores that wish to buy directly from the publisher and get a donation made in their name:

Your store can buy copies of the book directly from the publisher at a discount.  While the discount is slightly
less than if you buy from a distributor, we will make a donation of $5 per book (in your name) to your
favorite rescue organization.  This can be a great way to get publicity for your store!

Here's how it works:   Place an order (10 copy minimum) at $10 per copy, plus shipping.  If you order 25
copies, shipping is free.  (Please note that due to minimum shipping costs, shipping can add $1-2 cost per
book, so we suggest you consider the free shipping offer).  Tell us what organization you want to receive the
donation, and we'll send them a check (equal to $5 for each book you order) to that organization, with a note
saying the donation came about because of your order. When you sell the books, you can keep the
difference beween the selling price ($12.95) and your cost, or you can donate it, it is up to you. In either case
you can still advertise that "100% of the net proceeds of the book sales will be donated to" whatever
organization you wish.

This has proven to be a very popular gift item for many gift and pet related stores.  Over 70% of purchases
are for multiple copies.

To qualify for this discount you must pay for your books at the time they are ordered by paypal or check.  
Please contact the publisher directly at info (at) varzara (dot) com for info.
Thank you for considering "Lessons To Live By: The Canine Commandments" for your site or store.  
Please note that we will be donating 100% of the net proceeds from the book to animal rescue.  
However, you do not have to donate anything -- all the donations come out of the author and
publisher proceeds.